Our advice for your 3rd pillar

3rd pillar consulting

What does "consulting" mean for us?

For us, advice is the main starting point to be able to offer a 3rd pillar 3a or 3b, which fully satisfies you.
We dedicate a lot of time to our customers, using the best analysis tools and the highest specialized skills.

How is our consulting process?

It all begins when you send us your request for comparison or contact.
With the data you have compiled, we prepare and discuss with you a first comparison between different "types" of third pillar, in order to identify the kind of product that best suits your personal situation.
For example, if a 3rd. pillar linked to investment funds is better for you, or one linked to indices, with or without guarantee, etc.
After that, we calculate precisely your current first pillar (AHV) and second pillar (BVG) benefits in case of retirement, disability and death, comparing them to your current income.
This will allow us, through graphs, to illustrate how the three pillars works, to identify any inadequate coverage and to offer you a tailor-made 3rd pillar, finding the right balance between your budget and the real needs for coverage.
CLICK HERE TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF ANALYSIS. With all these elements, we will decide which company is right for you and your satisfaction is guaranteed.