Which is the best third pillar?

best 3rd pillar

The one that best suits your needs

There are many 3rd pillar insurance products, and luckily they are all excellent products. So we can say that the best third pillar is the one that best represents you and reflects your personality as a saver / investor.
There are products with or without a capital guarantee, which participate in indices or linked to investment funds. In short, there are products for all tastes and sometimes it is complex to understand the differences to find the right one.
So let's do some clarity:
Before choosing a 3rd pillar, you should do a pension analysis to be sure of your performance from the first and second pillars (AHV and BVG), and thus have a good starting point. For example, if your first and second pillar coverage are above average, maybe you can afford a more dynamic third pillar, perhaps with a lower guarantee level, but with a higher return perspective thanks to special investment funds
If, on the other hand, your coverage from the first two pillars is not very high, perhaps it would be better to choose a quieter third pillar, which gives you a higher guarantee, at the expense of course of performance.
Another important factor is your age and therefore the residual life until retirement.
For example, those who are 30 years old will have more choice and will be able to risk more than a 50-year-old person, this for the mere fact of having 35 years in front before retiring
The main companies, Baloise, Swiss Life, Axa, Zurich, Vaudoise, Generali, etc., offer very interesting 2rd pillar solutions, each with its own characteristics.
Our job is to compare these companies and give you a high quality advice, taking count of different factors:
Your age.
Your family and economic situation.
Your risk profile.
Your budget.
Your 1st and 2nd pillar performance.
And in this way get to the solution that best suits your needs.

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