How is your family covered? Less than you think.

Did you know that being married is not enough to obtain a widow's pension?

Often and willingly there is the belief that, being married, the spouse automatically has the right to receive a widow's pension in the event of death. But is not so.
In fact, in the first pillar (AHV), but also in the second pillar (BVG), the following conditions must be fulfilled in order for your spouse to be entitled to a widow's pension.
1) Having 1 or more children, or
2) Be 45 years old and have been married for at least 5 years.
For this reason it is important to understand your situation well through a social security analysis and, if necessary, to put the right remedies through, for example, a taylored 3rd pillar..

Did you know that children and students are not well covered for disability?

A problem to fix
Not working, children and students do not enjoy second pillar covers. This is the reason why, in the event of disability, they are considered "early disabled" and will have a benefit only from the 1st pillar, equal to 133% of the full minimum pension, which today is equivalent to CHF 1562 / month.
Early invalidity is a problem that we do not think about (or do not want to think about), but which has very important repercussions on the life of our children and on the economy of the family in general.
However, there are coverages under the third pillar that solve this problem with very low costs, BUT YOU MUST THINK ABOUT IT..
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