Maximum amounts for third pillar 2020 and social security insurance

2020 - How much can be deducted from taxes with the 3rd Pillar?

Persons affiliated to a second pillar (generally employees): they can pay maximum 3rd pillar contributions for the year 2020 of CHF 6826 / year. For those who are not affiliated to a second pillar (generally independent): they can pay contributions equal to 20% of the income, but up to a maximum of CHF 34'128 / year.

Social security insurance figures 2020

AHV/IV First Pillar
Maximum determining salary: 85 320 CHF
Maximum pension: 28 440 CHF (2370 CHF / month)
Minimum pension: 14 220 CHF (1185 CHF / month)
BVG Second Pillar
Entry threshold: 21 330 CHF
Coordination ammount: 24 885 CHF
Maximum coordinated salary: 60 435 CHF
With 2nd pillar Maximum deductible: 6826 CHF
Without 2nd pillar (20% maximum net salary): 34 128 CHF
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