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Third pillar online

Janury 2022 - Exclusive benefits for medical & healthcare staff

We want to thank the medical & healthcare staff who, with passion and dedication, take care of all of us in this particular and difficult moment.
For this reason, we decided to refund the first monthly premium (max CHF 573), to all those who work in the medical/healthcare sector and makes a new third pillar through our platform.
It's a small gesture of gratitude, that we started in 2020 and we decided to extend it until 30.06.2022.
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Let's do our part

Although was born as an online platform, a good part of our job was carried out in person. In fact, our customers have always appreciated being able to meet the people who works "behind the scenes".
Today, however, the situation has changed and the restrictions related to the covid-19 pandemic force us to change many of our habits.
Therefore, the time has come to do our part, showing that we can do our job 100% online, maintaining the same very high quality of advice that you are used to receive offers you the opportunity to stipulate your 3rd pillar without leaving your home, using all the technologies that you also regularly use, WhatsApp, video calls, etc., aware of the fact that today it is everyone's responsibility to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
Let's do our part and stop the virus.

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