The Third Pillar and taxes

Imposte Terzo Pilastro

The Third Pillar 3A (Bound)

The 3rd pillar 3a, during the contractual term, can be deducted from income tax (ammount by law).
In practice, the annual premium you pay to the third pillar is deducted from your taxable income, thus changing the rate that is applied to calculate your taxes.
Depending on your taxable income, paying the maximum amount to the 3rd pillar means saving about CHF 1,500 - 1,800 per year.
While on maturity, when you withdraw the capital, you will have to pay an income tax at a reduced rate.
Attention: for this tax, all the capital deriving from the pension funds must be added, therefore also those relating to the second pillar (BVG). For those who are taxed at source, as cross-border workers (G permit), or people with B permit (with source tax), the principle is basically the same, but since the source tax is paid in advance, to assert the deduction of the third pillar they must send the corrective tax form. In this way, if all the requirements are in order, the tax office will recalculate the tax, returning the amount paid in excess

The Third Pillar 3B (Free)

The third pillar free (3b), unlike that 3a, during the contract term cannot be deducted from taxes (except in a particular case, for which you can consult us)
But at the time of the deadline, when you withdraw the capital, you will not be taxed on income, but on capital.

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