Review on the third pillar Baloise Safe Plan 100


Review on the third pillar Baloise Safe Plan 100

Type of third pillar:

Life insurance with 100% index participation, available as pillar 3a and 3b.

Brief Description:

The third pillar Baloise Safe Plan 100 is, in our opinion, a good product for those seeking security, combined with a minimum return. The product offers a guaranteed final capital of approx. 75-80% of the total sum of premiums paid (depending on the duration of the contract) and, unlike some investment fund products, the surrender value is guaranteed throughout the contractual term. In order to earn a return, Baloise Safe Plan 100 participates in the performance of an index chosen each year by the company, and the performance calculation period runs from 01.04 to 31.03 of the following year. But the interesting aspect is that you only participate to the positive performance of the index, so if one year the index has a negative performance, you will certainly not have a gain for that year, but you will not have a loss either. Beware: since, as already explained, the guaranteed benefit is lower than the amount paid in, the final capital may be higher or lower than the sum of the premiums paid in, depending on the performance of the index. In addition to the aspect of saving for retirement, Baloise Safe Plan 100 allows you to include disability and death cover typical of a third-pillar insurance, so that you can protect your income and your family from future adversity. In terms of flexibility, it offers, like most third pillar products, the possibility of increasing or decreasing the premium, requesting a break in premium payments, making additional payments, or releasing the contract from premium payments.

Positive aspects:

- Guaranteed performance at maturity. - Guaranteed redemption value throughout the term. - Only participate in positive index performance.

Negative aspects:

- The return expectation is rather low (under current conditions).


To conclude, we can say that Baloise Safe Plan 100 is a product that offers everything that one would expect from a third-pillar insurance and is a viable alternative for those seeking a high degree of security, without high return expectations. Of course, as with all retirement products, your satisfaction will depend above all on the quality of the advice.

But how to recognise good advice?

Here are a few points to pay attention to: 1) Is the person in front of you registered with the FINMA intermediary register? 2) Does the intermediary know how the product works in detail? 3) Have you been offered alternatives? 4) Has it been explained to you that in addition to gains, there may also be losses? 5) Was the offer made taking into account your current first and second pillar cover? 6) Did the intermediary give you the full offer and time to evaluate it?

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