COVID-19 Updates - We make the third pillar online


COVID-19 Updates - We make the third pillar online

COVID-19 updates - We do the 3rd pillar online

We would like to thank the medical health staff who, with passion and dedication, take care of all of us at this very special and difficult time. For this reason, we have decided to refund the first monthly premium (max. CHF 573) to all those who work in the medical care sector and contract a new third pillar through our platform (or want to increase the premium of an existing third pillar). It is a small gesture of appreciation and gratitude, made from the heart.

Let us do our part

Although started out as an online platform, a large part of our work was done in person. In fact, our customers have always appreciated the fact that they can personally meet the people working "behind the scenes". Today, however, the situation has changed and the restrictions linked to the covid-19 coronavirus outbreak are forcing us to change many of our habits. Therefore, the time has come to play our part, showing that we can do our work 100 % online, while maintaining the same high quality to which you are accustomed. offers you the possibility of contracting your third pillar without moving from home, using all the technologies that you also use routinely, WhatsApp, video calls, etc., aware that today it is everyone's responsibility to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Let us do our part and stop the spread.

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